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Using Code Contracts from New Project to NuGet

It can be very difficult to trust code written by others and especially myself. I write tests because I know I will make mistakes and I expect my colleagues to do the same. Tests and {insert-letter-here}DD approaches go a long way to ensure that code is correct but I don't think they are the one true path to salvation. I still find flaws in tested code when I accidentally trip over corner cases.

ServiceStack Quick Start

If you are a .NET developer and you need to make web services I want you to try ServiceStack right now. Give me thirty minutes of your time and I will show you a glimpse of the basic features ServiceStack has to offer and how to use them.

What I Learned About Writing ReSharper Plugins

Recently I wrote a plug-in for ReSharper, You Can't Spell. It was just a simple spell check tool that I wanted to write as a weekend project. Yeah right! Nearly two months later my weekend project was finished and I released it. This post contains some tips and strategies I learned from my experience.